Bine Games User Agreement

By directly or indirectly using Bine Games services, you agree to abide by the terms of this user agreement, including any changes that may be made by Bine Games at any time. You acknowledge that you have carefully read and agreed to the following:

  1. By registering for an account through Bine Games and/or using Bine Games software, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in these Terms of Use, as well as our Privacy Policy. The user must carefully read and understand all the Terms of Use before each use of the Site.
  2. If the user does not accept and/or understand these terms of use, the user cannot use the website
  3. According to local laws and regulations, you have full legal capacity and competence, as well as sufficient knowledge and experience to fully understand the nature of our product.
  4. You are the lawful owner of funds in your account. You guarantee the legality of the source of funds or digital assets and confirm that you do not intend to use the platform for unlawful purposes.
  5. We are not obliged to verify your right to use the services. By using the services, you confirm that you meet the age requirements established by law in your jurisdiction and have the necessary legal capacity to assume any obligations and financial commitments. If you do not have the necessary qualifications to use our services, we are not responsible for the results arising from your use of the specified services.
  6. Bine Games has the right, at its discretion, to limit the User’s access, suspend servicing and operation of the Account, and/or the User’s access to the Account/Platform, block funds on the Account balance, cancel transactions, close the account, and take other actions, in the manner and cases provided by the Terms of Use.
  7. Bine Games does not participate in any of your transactions. Therefore, you must be cautious, determine the authenticity, legality, and effectiveness of crypto assets and information, and assume responsibility and obligations within your jurisdiction.
  8. By using the services, you automatically agree to the terms of the agreement and authorize Bine Games.
  9. You must not engage in any illegal activities through trading or using this agreement, including but not limited to illegal gambling, money laundering, fraud, extortion, coercion, terrorism financing, infringement of intellectual property rights, abuse, or violence, as well as any illegal behavior prohibited by laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. If we have sufficient grounds to suspect that your transactional activity is associated with high risk, illegal intentions, or unlawful conduct, we reserve the right to process relevant information, including transactions, but not limited to them, and exchange data related to such unlawful activity. This may include notifying the relevant law enforcement authorities in the jurisdiction where you reside. If such cases are identified, Bine Games reserves the right to take any necessary measures, including but not limited to suspending your access to the services. Bine Games is not liable for any obligations or losses arising as a result, and reserves the right to file lawsuits.
  10. In case of fraud, Bine Games undertakes to provide all necessary information, including names, addresses, and all other requested information, to relevant authorities dealing with fraud and law enforcement. Users are aware that their account may be frozen at any time at the request of any competent authority investigating fraud or any other illegal activity.
  11. To use the services, you must comply with the relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. If the country/region you reside in prohibits the use of such services, your activity will not be protected, and any losses incurred during this period will be solely your responsibility.
  12. Bine Games reserves the right to make the final interpretation of any matters not specified within the current legislation.


  1. The User has the right to access and/or use the Site and Services if they agree to and actually comply with the Terms of Use. By using the Site, the User agrees to accept and abide by the conditions stated herein.
  2. The User must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of the Services.
  3. The User must monitor all changes and any modifications to their Account. The User must promptly notify Bine Games of any unusual, suspicious, unauthorized, and abnormal changes to their Account. In case of untimely or non-notification, the User will be held responsible for the violation of the Terms of Use, and Bine Games may take appropriate further steps, including but not limited to reporting to relevant state or national authorities.
  4. The User must promptly notify Bine Games of any unauthorized use of their Account or password or any other security breach by email to the address provided on the Site. Any User found in violation of these rules may be blocked and subsequently held liable for any damages incurred by Bine Games or any other user of the Site.
  5. The User agrees not to use the Service for any criminal and/or illegal activities of any kind, including but not limited to money laundering, illegal gambling, financing of terrorist organizations, or malicious hacking.
  6. The User is responsible for any damages caused and all claims of liability, violated against Bine Games for the infringement of any third-party rights or violation of applicable law. Nothing in the Terms of Use excludes or limits the User’s liability for fraud, fines, and other negative consequences resulting from their negligence, violation of legally prescribed conditions, or any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by law.
  7. Users bear full responsibility for determining whether any proposed transaction is suitable for them based on their personal goals, financial status, and risk tolerance.
  8. All payment instruments added to your account, possibly a bank account, credit card, debit card, or others, must be personalized and owned by the account holder. Any attempt otherwise will be (or may be) considered fraud.
  9. By registering an Account, the User expressly declares and guarantees that he/she: complies with the norms and laws in his/her country of residence and/or the country from which he/she accesses this Site and Services; by accepting these Terms of Use; is at least 18 years old and has the right to accept these Terms of Use.
  10. The User declares and guarantees that he/she will use the Platform solely for conducting Operations in accordance with the conditions set forth in these Terms, and that he/she is duly authorized and capable of performing Operations on the Platform.
  11. The User declares and guarantees that all transactions conducted do not violate the rights of any third party or current legislation.
  12. The User understands that his/her personal data may be transmitted due to legal obligations, etc. They may be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We accept the following forms of payment:

You agree to provide current, complete, and accurate purchase and account information for all purchases. You further agree to promptly update account and payment information, including email address, payment method, and payment card expiration date, so that we can complete your transactions and contact you as needed. Sales tax will be added to the price of purchases as deemed required by us. We may change prices at any time. All payments shall be in Cryptocurrency.

You agree to pay all charges at the prices then in effect for your purchases and any applicable shipping fees, and you authorize us to charge your chosen payment provider for any such amounts upon placing your order. We reserve the right to correct any errors or mistakes in pricing, even if we have already requested or received payment.

We reserve the right to refuse any order placed through the Services. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household, or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, the same payment method, and/or orders that use the same billing or shipping address. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers, or distributors.


All sales are final and no refund will be issued.


The Platform allows the User to submit the Orders to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies of Bine Games.

The User recognizes that the Order should only be submitted after careful consideration and the user understands and accepts consequences of its execution. The User agrees that as soon as the Order is executed, such transaction is irreversible and may not be cancelled. Transactions will be executed instantly upon the matching of the Buyer’s and the Seller’s Orders without prior notice to the Seller and the Buyer and will be considered to have taken place at the execution date and time.

The User acknowledges and agrees that Deposit and Withdrawal Transaction may be delayed due to some verifications and checks. Similarly, and due to the inherent nature of the cryptocurrency networks, the User acknowledges and agrees that depositing and withdrawing Cryptocurrencies into/from their Account may take some time.

Unverified users are not allowed to withdraw any Cryptocurrencies from their Account.

In case if the User discovers transaction activity, including but not limited to unknown deposits and withdrawals, on their Account that was not initiated by the User, the User shall immediately notify Bine Games of this fact and follow the instructions sent by Bine Games. Otherwise, Bine Games reserves the right to freeze the Account until the end of investigation.


The Services may invite you to chat, contribute to, or participate in blogs, message boards, online forums, and other functionality, and may provide you with the opportunity to create, submit, post, display, transmit, perform, publish, distribute, or broadcast content and materials to us or on the Services, including but not limited to text, writings, video, audio, photographs, graphics, comments, suggestions, or personal information or other material (collectively, “Contributions”). Contributions may be viewable by other users of the Services and through third-party websites. As such, any Contributions you transmit may be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. When you create or make available any Contributions, you thereby represent and warrant that:

Any use of the Services in violation of the foregoing violates these Legal Terms and may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use the Services.


The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login details of his/her Account, including, but not limited to, password, email, wallet address, balance, and all activity, including Transactions, conducted through the Account.

BineGames staff will never ask the User to disclose his/her password. Any message received by the User or website he/she visits requesting the entry of a password, other than the BineGames Site, should be reported to BineGames. Before each use of the Website, the User must verify that he/she is using the genuine website.

We recommend changing the User’s password regularly to reduce the risk of Account security breaches. The User should never allow anyone access to his/her Account or observe how the User gains access to his/her Account. If the User encounters any security issues regarding his/her Account, login information (password or other security feature is lost, stolen, misappropriated, used without authorization, or otherwise compromised), it is recommended that the User immediately change the password. The User should promptly contact customer support upon discovering any loss, theft, misappropriation, or unauthorized use of the Account, login information, password, or other security features. Any undue delay in notifying BineGames may not only affect the security of the Account but may also result in the User being liable for any losses as a result. If the User suspects that someone else has gained access to his/her Account, the User should also contact the relevant authorities and report the incident

The User must take sufficient care to ensure the security of his/her email accounts and access to them only by the User, as the User’s email address may be used for password resets or communication with the User regarding Account security.

Regardless of whether the User uses a public, shared, or private computer to access the Account, the User must always ensure that his/her login data is not stored by the browser, cached, or otherwise recorded. The User should never use any functionality that allows storing login data or passwords on the computer he/she is using

Additional products or services used by the User may have additional security requirements, and the User should familiarize himself/herself with them as notified to him/her.


Bine Games reserves the right to send messages to the user and communicate with them through any available means of communication for Bine Games, taking into account the contact information provided by the user.

The user expressly agrees to receive any messages in electronic form and to be bound by them, if required by the Terms of Use.

The official information channel of Bine Games is the website. The website may contain links to other official information channels of Bine Games. However, any recommendation and/or trading idea do not have the status of an official recommendation and/or trading idea of Bine Games.